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Episode 2: Vietnam and Bangkok

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India Video

Warning! Nana and Grumpy don’t watch this video if you want it for christmas.


Cookery lessons – Bamboo Delight

Today we visited the Bamboo Delight cooking school. The day started with an early wake you but it was not actually that early it was 8:00 am I was used to waking up at 10:00am. So I got up and ate breakfast and got on my bike we headed down to the school and left my bike then walked down the road to the local market. We arrived and met the rest of the group. We got started with the shopping seeing all the different items of food and seeing another step in seeing where our food is from. We finished shopping and got a quick Tuk Tuk back to the school where we put together a menu.

We chose one main course and a side dish I chose the beef curry as my main and steamed spring onion dumping. We got started with the cooking everyone making there own dishes. The recipes were local recipe and some a of them were the family’s. We were using traditional Myanmar stoves and technics. Once everyone finished cooking we sat around a table on benches and ate the food that we made, everyone was sharing the food. So you got to try something you would not normally order off a menu. And I have discovered some dishes that I like. I really enjoyed the day and would love to do it again.

Best of all we got the recipes for the dishes and a bag of authentic Myanmar ingredients to take home and practice with.


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