Indonesia has been a mix of experiences so far.
Yesterday was a story of extremes.

  • Attending a circumcision party (a lot like a family buffet after a christening) which we were almost late for the pick up because the restaurant we wanted to eat breakfast at was closed
  • Discovering Leo has a small rash on his face and neck we have seen before when he slept on mouldy pillows
  • Getting back to our room and discovering that not only were all our pillows mouldy but there was a thick layer of black mould around the mattress cover on the floor which actually stuck the fitted sheet to the wall. Then when I moved the mattress out I discovered a live cockroach looking/sized insect between the mattress and wall.
  • Oh and to rival my day for most ickiest part, was finding an ants nest in the linen cupboard on the clean fitted sheet complete with hundreds of eggs (spiders I can handle because they keep themselves to themselves but ants bite and are everywhere we want to be [shudder])
  • Buying brushes, disinfectant and new pillows (we are staying in an Australian friend’s very basic holiday house – but are unlikely to spend another night here!)
  • Meeting the young, entrepreneurial travel agent who has been arranging our transportation in Indonesia, visiting his village, low ropes assault course and house. He gave us some traditional Indonesian cuisine and I helped him get on TripAdvisor.
  • Coming back to our room just as a torrent of rain started so Leo decided to change into his swimming costume and dance in the pouring rain (the rain was so heavy on our metal roof that we had difficulty hearing each other speak and it rained in and off all night)
  • Filtering and packing our bags for a 4 day boat trip that starts this morning
  • Watching half a film (Romeo and Juliet with Leonardo Di Caprio) with Leo while I got a Mothers Day head itch.

…and 12 hours later we have woken up after an ‘interesting’ nights sleep and it is still raining heavily