I think Leo will enjoy the routine that a regular school day will bring again (although getting up in the mornings might be hard, for both of us, at the start).One of the joyous things about our days at the moment is that we can sleep as long and as often as we like.

There are some early mornings, often transport imposed, or here it is yoga. But there is always time to catch up on that missed sleep.

Not seeing Donald, Alfie and my friends is hard but I think Donald and Alfie have it harder in that respect. We have new and exciting things to balance against the feelings that the distance creates. However I do think that both Alfie and Leo are enjoying being only children for a few months.
Just having Leo with me is proving to be fantastic for his social and emotional growth as I hoped it would be.
For example: Leo is not a natural independent problem solver often calling me in to help before he has tried to solve the problem himself. I get angry and frustrated when there were many things Leo could have tried before calling in me.

Yesterday Leo decided he wanted to cook, chose the recipe from a children’s cook book. In an unfamiliar kitchen I helped him to get started but then sat just outside in earshot. I was able to resist many of my urges to respond to his “Mum I need your help” which forced him to problem solve on his own. The result was a delicious meal that Leo genuinely prepared and managed almost entirely in his own, with simple problem solving encountered enroute.
For me my learning is grounded in gratitude and I have an unwritten quest to learn what I genuinely enjoy across all aspects of life.
We will think and act a little differently as a result of our adventure!