I have an automated email that pops into my inbox every Monday.It is actually an event reminder in my calendar with the subject “Read me…” and that I configure to say what is important for me to keep in mind.

Right now it starts with the sentence:

“say ‘I love and respect myself exactly as I am'”

I rarely change the reminder so I get the same message week in and week out. I always read it and over time it appears to work because my brain starts to believes the words more reliably.

Today I have felt compelled to add a (mis)quote for the first time:

“Show me a woman who makes no mistakes and I will show you a woman who doesn’t do things” Theodore Roosevelt

I managed to leave the power pack for my laptop in Laos 🇱🇦, something I only discovered late at night when I was 2.5 hours away from it, along potholed roads you only drive during the day, and we were catching an early plane the following morning.

Thankfully it is an Apple laptop and there was an Apple Affiliated concession amongst the duty free shops at the Kuala Lumpur Airport yesterday. Therefore, remarkably, I was able to buy a replacement before the charge in my laptop had run out.

I was very frustrated I hadn’t done final checks everywhere we might have left stuff like we have grown accustomed to doing when leaving anywhere. My mood even tainted the experience of an airport we have loved passing through previously and I was irritable, unsatisfied and my inner critic was having a field day picking off every piece of low hanging fruit she could find to torment me with.

It felt good to have resolved the power pack issue, however it wasn’t until I saw the quote above, on a tv screen I was passing, did I really start to feel significantly better in myself. I think it also helped that I saw this quote as I was boarding a plane and could literally leave the words my inner critic had been saying behind me.

I thought my inner perfectionist had softened her “I must be whiter than white” rule of life but I’m not sure I ever wrote down the new and improved version.

So I am using this blog post to reflect and pen my new way of living which now reads:

“Doing things can be messy so chose an attitude that allows for mistakes and wear it with pride.” Hannah Jones

I’ve also just added this to my weekly reminder message along side Teddy Roosevelt.