Leo and I arrived in Bangkok yesterday after an 11 hour flight from Heathrow.

The flight was very full and, Leo and I were sitting near the window with a large Welsh gentleman on the aisle seat. When I selected our seats I opted to give Leo the window seat temporarily forgetting how much I hate not being able to get up and walk about without disturbing anyone else, particularly on a long-haul flight.
I’ll not make that mistake again.

I did sleep a few hours but not as soundly as I sometimes can on a plane. Sitting up is never my preferred sleeping position. Two hours before we landed breakfast was served and although I wasn’t particularly hungry I ate some of the hot stuff because I knew it might help with the jet lag.

Once I’d finished eating the aeroplane hit some bouncy turbulence, which was exactly what I didn’t need, so much so that I has to disturb our sleeping Welshman so that I could get out. All the toilets were engaged so I had to ask an air hostess for a sick bag . I don’t think I have ever needed a sick bag on an aeroplane before, on a boat yes, but not an aeroplane.

After being sick it felt better but I still had a stonking headache which Leo kindly volunteered to sooth with a head itch.
Today my stomach is feeling much better and I’ve been reflecting on the all the things that influenced the vomit.
For me there are a lot emotions around travelling without Donald and Alfie that I had been choosing not to acknowledge. Instead I had thought what I was feeling with just connected to how much I would miss them. I hadn’t realised how ‘stressed’ my body felt about travelling without Donald, in particular, until it decided to show me some unmissable physical symptoms. I guess because I travelled on my own on business I didn’t expect it to be a big deal.

Apparently breakfast + turbulence + full plane + lack of sleep + all the emotions of being 1000’s of miles away from Donald and Alfie = need of sick bag = blergh 🤢

Speaking to Donald via Skype/Whatsapp when we arrived and messaging them both a few times over the day helped to feel connected and less like we were ‘alone’. Reestablishing this connection helped to repair the immediate hole inside me that, I now realise, had been gradually building up over the past few days and demonstrated how important it is going to be to be in meaningful contact with home regularly.

We also discovered this lovely note in Leo’s bag this morning: