Yangon is an interesting place. It is a bustling city with a heavy preponderence of cars working through its grid street system. The traffic oftens gets to the point of being gridlocked, which is often a problem as you may often rely upon taxis to undertake medium to long distance transfers within the town. Most of the shopping locations and street food populate the pavements making pedestrian transit along the streets more like an obstacle course.

Like other asian cities, Yangon clusters related shops together on particular streets. For example, Pandoshan street is the home of computer sales, 41st Street is the home of computer service centres and 19th street covers mobile phone sales.

Of course there are many buddhist temples/pagodas here (and churches) but rather than being littered across the city as found in Indian cities, they are fewer and they tend to be focussed in particular areas.

The majority of buildings in the city give the impression of 70s era shopping centres, weathered by the traffic pollution, complete with the concrete overpasses over major junctions.

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New construction is not really taking place in the city yet, but I am sure that as more money starts to come in to Myanmar, this will start to accelerate.

That is not to say that there is no new development or pleasant places to visit within the city. See our follow on posts for some examples.