Rajasthan had many places we wanted to travel to and over 3 weeks we travelled
Mumbai-Udaipur-(by bus)Jodhpur -Jaisalmer-Jodphur-Jaipur-Delhi.

My Highlights:

  • Jodhpur – Flying Fox (Google it!)
  • Jodhpur – Spending lots of time with Kavita (Our Mendhi Lady and her family)
  • Udaipur – Relaxed, tourist-accessible, tranquil lake views from many angles
  • Delhi – International Toilet Museum
  • Delhi – Oysters Water Park

Lesson Learnt:

  • Use Google Maps – when arriving in a location to determine how far it is from the drop off point to you accommodation
  • Negotiate First – Don’t get into an auto-rickshaw until you have negotiated a price, especially if we have all your luggage with us. (We knew this, but it still tripped us up when we were tired and first arrived in Jodhpur)
  • Getting connected – I’d recommend getting an Indian sim with a data package on your first day (and ensure you get roaming enabled so it will work in Delhi and Rajasthan). Having data hen you can call taxi cars or auto-rickshaw with the Ola App (Delhi) or Jugnoo App (Jodhpur). We bought two sims and we would definitely do this again on a future visit.
Breakfast in Jaisalmer with view of the Fort

To decide where we travel in India we first looked at the ‘must see’ places from guidebooks, the web and blog posts, then plotted the ones we liked on a Google Map. We then looked at the train network and timetables (or preferred transport method) to see how to journey between them.

We travelled in Rajesthan by train in AC3 class (plus one private bus) and mostly on overnight trains. We are travelling as a family (44, 41, 12 and 10) and have felt safe on the trains, although we always padlocked our backpacks under the seats and kept our valuables attached to us when we slept.
We used Cleartrip.com to book our all tickets and strongly recommend booking popular trains in advance (booking opens about 90 days before travel dates and some trains book up within the first fortnight).
This website has all the instructions for registering with Cleartrip http://www.seat61.com/India.htm
plus useful and comprehensive advice for train travel in India (and beyond).

If you are flying into Delhi and only have 10-14 days then I’d recommend:
Jodhpur – flying fox, best fort in Rajasthan
Udaipur – everything walkable or easily accessible, well set up for tourists, great art
Delhi – we loved Delhi (although this is not most people’s experience). Oysters Water Park (accessible by Metro) and the international Toilet Museum were off the beaten track and both highlights for us. Get Accomodation close to a metro station for easy, fast and cheap transport.
Agra – you can visit the Taj Mahal as a day trip from Delhi either be bus or express train. (Allow 2.5 hours max for visit, more if want to see the fort too)

Personally I’d give Jaipur a miss because we found it difficult to navigate without an auto-rickshaw. (Although we can highly recommend a driver in Jaipur if you do decide to go). Our experience of Jaipur was not at all like the ‘The Best Marigold Hotel’, which interestingly is mostly filmed near Udaipur!rajasthan-map