the view from the bus (+finger)
sitting on the back seat of the bus

Today was another travelling day as we had to head from Palolem Beach in Goa to our next stop Kerala. After a breakfast at Cafe Inn (western prices for western style food – not an Indian meal on the menu), we decided to save our money and take public transport for most of the rest of the day.

We managed to pick up a bus from just outside our accommodation to take us to Karwar (34km for 180Rs ~£2 for all four of us).

The journey was quick, and, courtesy of the most modern, straight roads that we have come across in India, smooth.

We took some time to find the local post office and send home some items not wanted on voyage. Once again we were surprised that the post office does not sell the means necessary to wrap your items, meaning that H had to undertake a search of the nearby shops to find a box and some tape. Thankfully she managed to get successful at the first shop that she found – not something that would have been obvious from initial glance at the shop.

Courtesy of a cheap tuktuk drive to Karwar railway station, we are now waiting the two hours for our onward train to arrive

Passing the time – not at all bored