One of the continual struggles while travelling around Asia is keeping on top of your water consumption. As the awesome XKCD points out, it is quite difficult to know how much is enough. dehydration

More often than not you can probably assume that you are not drinking enough here. Despite this drinking directly from the tap is not the way to go in India. We have seen various places where drinking water is freely available, but the quality of the water is suspect.

Even if you avoid tap water you may be caught out by other means. I’ve bought some ice lollies here from a street vendor in official wrapping, but which I suspect have been home made with the local water and with inconsistent flavouring. The taste was interesting to say the least.

There have also been concerns about plastic water bottles being refilled and resealed, meaning that you need to be extra careful about buying bottles from stalls.

One of the options which seems to be in most modern homes, is a wall mounted steriliser which can sterilise up to 4 litres of water at a time. You can then just fill your water canteen up from this before you set out for the day.

But what about being on the move?

Well we have now seen booths being set up on railway stations which do live filtering of the water, directly into your canteen, for a rate which is cheaper than bottled water.

Alternatively if you are going completely off piste, we have brought the following fallback: a UV sterilisation pen. This will let you take clean-ish water and by means of shining UV light into the water while stirring for a minute will attempt to kill all of the bugs in it.