Q: Why did the toilet roll down the hill?

A: Because it wanted to get to the bottom

On my ‘Must See’ places in India was the Sulabh International Museum of Toilets. As a former Wastewater Engineer who spend 4 years at University studying pit latrines and sustainable human waste treatment technologies this museum was an opportunity not to be missed.

(Interestingly my fellow travelling companions all opted to go to the Science Museum in the Centre of Delhi, rather than venturing with me on the 60+ minutes of public transport it would take me to reach this ‘hidden gem’./0

This museum was so much more than the information, articles and artefacts on display. The man and team that run the Institute behind this museum are passionate about eliminating ‘open deification’ from India and their education programmes alone are saving many thousands of lives every day (maybe more!). They invite groups to their museum and they also do outreach work for any family or community who ask for their advice.

I was the only visitor in the museum during my visit, although a group arrived as I was leaving. This meant that I got a 1:1 tour of the museum from Neelam and when I showed interest another member of staff, Najar, was called to give me a tour of the example latrine sub-structures and super-structures in the courtyard.

DSC09366 DSC09337 - inside the museum