The peacock roof top restaurant is getting its delivery just right for its target audience and therefore is usually busy with both western and Indian tourists.
From stylish metal welded seating and tables, to the beautiful serving dishes and well presented, attentive waiting staff.
They don’t have a particularly good view from their roof top, but this doesn’t matter because they have enclosed their roof top with netting and have many plants which, to me, make the restaurant feel more cosy and intimate.
The waiting staff at the Peacock restaurant also do things like wipe your table down after every guest, even after we had sat down (the restaurant was full so we were lucky to get a table) and puts a black and white printed paper place mat in front of every guest with the name of the restaurant and a beautiful drawing of a peacock.
When you tell the waiter what you want, and before the waiter leaves your table, they read your order back to you. This is such a simple thing to do and makes such a big difference to your impression of a place. Common practice in England, but only the second time it has happened in India in 3 weeks. My impression was that they really care about getting our food and drinks order correct.
The chef does a great job of adjusting the heat of his/her dishes while retaining all the Indian tastes.

Over the 4 nights we are in Jaipur we will have eaten breakfast, lunch and evening meal here and we would highly recommend to everyone. (Particularly those with children or those suffering from Delhi Belly and need to order plain food).

Best pizza in India so far!