After thinking that we were going to be searching out cheap and cheerful backpacker accommodation we have realised that travelling with children in India is requiring higher levels of comfort than we expected.

The criteria for our next hotel includes:

  • Air conditioning – hot children at night, especially a hot and sick child in the desert is not pleasant.
  • Four of us sleeping in one room – solves the problem of the rooms being together, gives us enough space to enjoy being together while still doing our own thing when required, it also keeps the accommodation costs down.
  • Wifi – we knew we wanted to stay connected while we travel not least to book next train or accommodation but also to make the boys indoor learning choices more fun and flexible. Therefore when we find a good strong wifi we all smile. To some extent we can offset this with use of a data plan on our mobiles, but using wifi is by far the better option.

Having to carry everything we need on our backs has made us make tough decisions about what we do and do not bring with us on this adventure. It also brings into focus that which is really important.

Without doubt wifi IS important to our family, see image above created by Brene Brown!

We are proving that we made some good decisions about what we have packed, particularly regarding tech.

Techwise we have packed:

2 x lightweight laptops

2 x iPads

4 x Phones – having Indian SIM cards with data for Donald and me is incredibly useful especially when wifi in a hotel is patchy. While they have iPad mini’s, our children have also brought a phone with them and it is proving to be a portable and easy device for playing simple games and connecting to the wifi on.

1 x Kindle – (We did have two, but I managed to kneel on mine on day 2)

Belkin Surge Cube

One extra tech item in our luggage which is proving to be invaluable is a Belkin SurgeCube which turns one socket into a charging station for 3 devices – genius!