Earlier this week we met a family in Jodhpur (the mum, Kavita, created my Mendi/henna hands pattern) and my children and I stayed chatting with her for over 4 hours.
Today I had an idea to give their 4 year old daughter, nickname Gupi, the gift of a t-shirt with printed words of my choice.
Gupi’s father, Nitin, is a lawyer who prosecutes doctors who perform abortions on foetuses after their scans show them to be girls. A common, but illegal practice in Indian culture where many families only want boys.
This family cherishes their girls and wants them to be educated and successful.

‘And though she be but little she is fierce” is a quote from Shakespeare’s A Midsummers Nights Dream.

I am feeling really proud that I had the idea for this t-shirt at 4am while on the sleeper train and thanks to the help of an Indian Couchsurfer, Tarun, by 13:00 we had sourced a t-shirt, located a t-shirt printer in a shopping mall, got t-shirt printed (which took 10 minutes and, in total, cost 350 rupees or £4) and given the present to Gupi.

Another amazing day in India.