We visited the museum and went on the boat ride.

This fascinating museum was made more accessible for us by hiring a guide (400 rupees per hour). We recommend you select your guide carefully because our 77 year old guide had good English but he was hard to hear and so one of us needed to act as a ‘repeater’ for the others.
Official guides wear a lanyard around their necks with an ID card.
(Note: a tip is expected on top of the fixed price fee)

Our children (aged 10 and 12) enjoyed the boat trip and we enjoyed seeing Lake Pichola, islands and lakeside from new angles.
The boat ticket was pricey for what you get even though we would probably have regretted not doing it (not least because our children really wanted to go). It certainly made going round the museum first easier with them knowing that the boat trip was next.

Buy your boat trip ticket (about 400 rupees) and hotel area pass (30 rupees) after you visit the museum because they like to book you at a specific time, however in reality I don’t think they stick to the times.
There was a bit of a scrum getting life jackets so if you arrive at the same time as many others make sure you position yourself well to get jackets from previous visitors as they disembark.

Oh yes … and you will need a camera pass (250 rupees) for each device you want to take photos with inside the museum, this includes mobile phones.

Visited August 2016