Narayan and Ashish are life savers and Narayan is an expert at buying train tickets when they are all sold out.

Our 10 year old son left his iPad in the seat pocket of our bus this morning.
Ashish went to first one bus office then another bus office and then waited until our bus driver had been contacted, our bus driver had eaten his lunch, checked his bus, found our iPad and then for our bus driver to deliver our iPad back to us at our hotel. All this took over an hour and we all breathed a huge sigh of relief.

While in Udaipur Narayan was our ‘go to’ man for any travel question we had.
We started by booking a bus from Udaipur to Jodpur with him and then popped back most days to pick his brain about train routes, best class for which route and how to book AC3 when only Sleeper class was available.
We are traveller sleeper class on some routes but Narayan highly recommended not to travel sleeper from Agra to Varanasi because tourists are targeted on this route so we cancelled this ticket and rebooked an alternative.

Narayan also came up trumps with ensuring a rickshaw driver came to our guest house this morning at 05:15.
Not forgetting he came round to our hotel last night to tell us that our bus would be leaving from an alternative stop because of the Independence Day festivities. Narayan also made the rickshaw driver aware in advance too. We were out last night so I have no idea how many times Narayan came to our hotel looking for us before we returned.


In summary Narayan went over and beyond with his service even though he earnt only 50 rupees commission from us.

In the middle of our iPad panic Narayan was calm and absolutely did everything possible to reunite us with our rogue device and on a festival day.

If we are ever in Udaipur we will be making a beeline for Travel Trip travel agency…and we recommend you do the same.


If you are facing the Grassroots Cafe or Art of Bicycle then Travel Trip is in the left just around the corner.