“Genuine artists – unique art – no hard sell”
Vipin, her husband and son are fabulous artists.
I bought two exquisite postcards from this shop, both original designs and both of the highest quality. I am extremely pleased with my purchases.

With fixed prices on their board outside I chose to come into this shop to research quality and understand prices of the old looking postcards in Udaipur.

I was greeted with warm and genuine smiles, honesty and openness about their art work.

Like many other artist shops in Udaipur this one sells old postcards with traditional paintings on one side.
Unlike many other artist shops in Udaipur this one will tell you which cards are genuinely old and which have been tea stained to look old!!!

Some of the genuine old postcards appear to be written by radio listeners writing into their radio station asking to be sent a specific piece of music. Either this or they are covered with a religious chat or simply the name of their God repeated over the whole postcard. The ones I bought had postal stamps on them dating back to 1956.
Beware a 1996 postmark means that the postcard has been stained with tea!

Do ask to see postcards with these talented couple’s own work on.
Their son’s work is also first class.

Thank you both for your oasis away from the sales men and pressure selling that is so common elsewhere in Udaipur.