Having already seen big Indian cities through work, we had decided to leave Mumbai at our earliest opportunity. As a city with a population of 28 million it was brimming with people and the problems that come with that: poverty, rubbish in the streets, stray dogs, crippling congestion, open sewers and a pervading view that this is normal and not about to change soon.

We split up and took two tuk-tuks from the hotel to Bandra terminus railway station.

This was definitely the best way to travel through the town as the tuk-tuk drivers are able to find and make spaces between the cars.

img_3637 The train was at least 15 carriages long, and we found our way to the AC-3 carriage. This meant that we were in a sleeping carriage that could hold 3 beds on each side. Fighting for the top bunk was fierce, but as we had three top bunks There could only be one loser.

Company on our compartment was good with regular visits from staff selling food and drinks (chain) from their buckets. We ordered some hot food which consisted of chippatis, rice and various dahl’s. This was greatly supplemented by some home made food from our compartment companions.